Pakistan’s religious minorities ‘face acute levels of persecution’, warns new report

9 December 2014

Cover image of the report on religious communities in Pakistan

The persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan has intensified in recent years and has now reached critical levels, according to a major new report released by Minority Rights Group International (MRG) today.

Despite some recent signs of progress in Pakistan, including the first democratic transition of power in May 2013, religious communities such as Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus live in daily fear of harassment and intimidation. Escalating violence against Shi’a Muslims also points to the growth of an even more exclusionary form of nationalism based on a very specific understanding of ‘Muslimness’. Read more...

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Armed only with their Dignity

Photo of Gay McDougall

Gay J. McDougall is Chair of MRG’s International Council and is currently the Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Fordham Law School Leitner Center for International Law and Justice. She served as the first UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues from 2005 through 2011. Here she tells us of the struggle and courage of a group of Afro-Colombian she met on a recent trip to the country.

"I have just returned home after a week in Colombia moving around to most of the Afro-Colombian areas, meeting with community leaders and lecturing at universities. This was my fourth visit—my last was in 2010 in my capacity as the UN Independent Expert on Minorities. That visit gave me an unparalleled access to Afro-Colombian communities living in otherwise isolated areas down the length of the Pacific Coast and across the Atlantic-Caribbean Coast." Read more...

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Uncertain future for Lebanon’s religious minorities – new briefing

Ceasefire report on Iraq

10 December 2014

This background paper aims to examine the current situation of religious minorities in Lebanon. It draws on a desk review of existing materials and media reports, together with first-hand field research and interviews with members of different religious communities, including activists belonging to currently unrecognized groups. On 25 October 2014, MRG organized a roundtable event in Beirut, which gathered various religious minority activists, experts and analysts from Lebanon and the wider region. The preliminary findings of this research were shared and discussed with the participants. The present paper draws on some of these discussions and recommendations. Read more...


New online map shows Middle East, Africa states dominate Peoples under Threat 2014 survey on risk of mass killing

Peoples under Threat 2014

Peoples under Threat is Minority Rights Group’s annual authoritative rankings table which highlights those countries around the world where the risk of mass killing is greatest. As an early warning tool, the index has been widely used by UN officials and other human rights and conflict prevention practitioners. For the first time it's now been made available as an online map. Read more...

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