State of the World's Minorities 2015

State of the World's Minorities 2015

2 July 2015

In a context of rapid growth, an increasing proportion of minorities and indigenous peoples are now living in urban areas. But while they offer the possibility of greater freedoms, improved livelihoods and more equitable opportunities, cities often magnify existing patterns of discrimination and insecurity.

This year's edition of State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples explores the many challenges communities face in urban areas, from segregation and lack of services to targeted violence and exclusion. Nevertheless, the volume also includes numerous cases of minorities and indigenous peoples achieving better social and political outcomes for themselves in cities, as well as examples of the substantial benefits their inclusion can bring to the entire urban population.

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A word on migrants, refugees and minority rights

Emma Eastwood

Emma Eastwood, Senior Media Officer, pulls together some thoughts from MRG in response to the treatment of thousands of refugees seeking sanctuary in Europe.

Europe is searching its soul about the way it treats migrants and refugees. Hundreds from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North and sub-Saharan Africa are now dying every month trying to reach Europe’s shores, Budapest is the scene of pitched battles, and drowned children are washing up on the beaches of Turkey. Read more...

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Concerned by ongoing violence in Turkey, MRG urges peaceful resolution to crisis

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is extremely concerned by the ongoing violence between state security forces and the PKK in Turkey, urges an immediate resolution to the crisis, and a resumption of the peace process.

‘Both sides in the conflict need to declare a ceasefire before many more people lose their lives. The Turkish government must also turn the current dialogue with the PKK into official negotiations, with a view to resuming the peace process, and preserving a ceasefire,’ says Nurcan Kaya, MRG’s Turkey Project Coordinator. Read more...

MRG at the United Nations

Statement of Gay McDougall

The international community looks back on the implementation of the Millenium Development Goals with pride. However, the experience of minorities and indigenous peoples has been bleak, with many communities experiencing theft of their lands and resources, and the targetted killing of community leaders who oppose harmful development initiatives. While majorities may have experienced progress, many minority and indigenous communities have actually fallen further behind with regard to development outcomes. Read more...

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