Iraq's multi-ethnic future now at grave risk, says MRG

A photo of a Yezidi man standing outside a church in Lalish, Iraq
Yezidi man in Lalish, Iraq
MRG/Chris Chapman

In the wake of recent armed attacks by the Islamic State group in Nineveh, which have had a devastating effect on vulnerable religious minorities, Iraq's multi-ethnic future is now at grave risk, warns Minority Rights Group International.

'The latest events in Nineveh have now proved beyond doubt that the Iraqi government is incapable of protecting its minority communities, including Christians, Yezidi and Shabak,' says Mark Lattimer, MRG's Executive Director. 'The process of expelling Iraq's minorities from their homelands that began some ten years ago is now being completed,' he added.

The Iraqi government must immediately act to ensure the protection of all religious minorities at risk in Iraq today, whilst the international community must also play its part in ensuring the country is not emptied of some of the world's most ancient and vulnerable minorities, says the international rights organisation. Read more...

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