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MRG applauds UN ruling on Chagos Marine Protected Area, calls for end to delaying tactics from UK government on return of evicted islanders

A United Nations ruling, which finds that the UK government acted illegally when it created the world's largest marine reserve around the Chagos Islands, is a welcome step forward in the decades- long struggle of the Chagossian people to return to their homelands, says Minority Rights Group International (MRG).

The Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague held that in declaring the Chagos Marine Protection Area (MPA) in 2010, the UK had breached its obligations under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The Court found that in creating the MPA, the UK had failed to adequately consult nearby Mauritius, and illegally deprived it of fishing rights. Read more...

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Cambodia: Indigenous groups recall painful past

Nok Yik was seven years old when the Khmer Rouge seized power in Cambodia, plunging the country into darkness and terror. She was confined to a forced labour camp in north-eastern Ratanakiri province, where she served food and water to a troupe of workers for 12 hours a day.


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Dead on Paper - New MRG documentary

Dead on paper

In this compelling new film a group of Egyptian Baha'is tell their story of arbitrary arrests and violence, their legal battle for recognition, and their enduring faith, in spite of the fact that the government does not recognize their religion.

Watch a trailer on MRG's YouTube channel.

For more information, or to organise a screening of the film contact Sarah El Ashmawy - sarah.elashmawy@mrgmail.org.

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