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Mauritania ranked as worst place in the world for slavery, yet authorities ignore the problem, new MRG report

Mauritania is ranked as the worst place in the world for slavery, with tens of thousands still trapped in total servitude across the country, yet it is often ignored by the authorities, despite the fact that the law criminalizes the practice, says Minority Rights Group International (MRG) in a new report.

MRG Mauritania Project Coordinator Freddy Batundi says, 'The stories of Haratine women in Mauritania, who are silently subjected to slavery, poverty and discrimination, have been largely untold. This valuable new report aims to redress that balance.' Read more...

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Cambodia: Indigenous groups recall painful past

Nok Yik was seven years old when the Khmer Rouge seized power in Cambodia, plunging the country into darkness and terror. She was confined to a forced labour camp in north-eastern Ratanakiri province, where she served food and water to a troupe of workers for 12 hours a day.


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