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Hi, lets fight the rights of minorities coz they are marginalised both political and also in social-economical. Gerald Lepariyo from Ilchamus community in Kenya
Posted by Lepariyo Gerald on 8 April 2010
HI, the illchamus community in kenya have been used as a ladder by other leaders to achive their political needs and latter dont help them.SHAME ON THOSE POLITICIANS.we are going as a united community to boycott the coming election if we shall have NOT be given our own constituency.JOSHUA NGOCHILA from IIchamus community.
Posted by JOSHUA NGOCHILA on 8 April 2010
hi,the illchamus community has been living with tugens for many years but i LOVE THEM because theu have maintained their beautifull culture(ILLCHAMUS). KEEP UP. JOSHUA NGOCHILA proud to be illchamusoni
Posted by JOSHUA NGOCHILA on 8 April 2010
Am extremely delighted at the work you are undertaking in trying to fight for the minority worldwide. My major concern is about my tribe in Kenya known as Abasuba. It is under threat from their dominant neighbour, Luo.Only the older generation speaks it. UNESCO report of 2002 described it as an endangered language. As the young generation we have formed a local NGO in Kenya so as to rejuvenate it. Is it possible to rejuvenate a language which is on the brinks of extinction? and if yes, how and through which methods?
Posted by George Wagaka on 4 September 2012
This is to George Wagaka, written September 4, 2012. Greetings, George. I just found your note, so am now replying. The Native Indian Americans are re-introducing their native languages - each Nation has its own, to their children and grand children, and are quite successful. You may want to search Indian Tribes Go in Search of Their Lost Languages -…04/06/books/06language.html or Endangered Language Fund | Language Resources…esources.php The article "Some Basics of Indigenous Language Revitalization" is a good introduction. See also "Maintaining and Renewing Native Languages. ... American Indian Language Development… or Our Mother Tongues | Video View additional footage from We Still Live Here; learn about cultural clues embedded in languages, and hear from American Indian leaders about the ...
I hope this will be of help. Please feel free to write if I can be of further help.I am not an expert in this area 9ata all) but have connections who may have good answers.
Good luck in your search!

Marianne Kuiper Milks
OneBigBoost CEO" class="email">
Posted by marianne kuiper milks on 7 January 2014
Hadza people residing on the the shores of lake Eyasi surrounded by Conservation areas continue to be marginalized. The threat pauses the shrinkage and degradation of their indigenous land where they get their livelihood due to increased farming, livestock keeping and migrants seeking land. The constitution Reform process has not in any way mentioned the issue of this threatened Human Race. Food security is becoming a critical issue to this society.
Posted by Henry Sweddy Moshi on 19 August 2014
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