UK Appeal Court hearing - government must address Chagossians' situation without delay, new report

Chagos protest
Chagos islanders protest against Law Lords’ verdict in 2008, UK.

On the eve of a case in the UK's Appeal Court challenging the creation of the Chagos Marine Protected Area, MRG calls on the UK government to address the situation facing the Chagossians without delay.

In 2010 the UK government created the world's largest marine reserve around the Chagos Islands, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The Islands' original inhabitants were evicted 50 years ago to make way for a US air base on the island of Diego Garcia.

A new MRG report says that the creation of the Marine Protected Area, and the subsequent banning of commercial fishing in its waters, effectively bars Islanders from returning to their homes. Under international law, the Chagossians have a right to return to their homeland, unless such return is not feasible, in which case they should be offered appropriate compensation. Read more...

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