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Kenyan Task Force formed to implement the 2010 Endorois ruling

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) welcomes the formation by the Government of Kenya of a new task force dedicated to implementation of the 2010 African Commission ruling which recognised the Endorois' rights over their ancestral land in and around Lake Bogoria in Kenya's Rift Valley.

The task force will be addressing restitution of the land to the Endorois, compensation for losses due to their eviction, and benefit-sharing of royalties derived from lucrative bioenzymes and rubies found on the land. However, whilst it may "solicit, receive and consider views from members of the public and other interest groups," it does not require consultation with the Endorois community nor is there an Endorois representative member of the task force. Such steps need to be taken to ensure the ruling is appropriately implemented.

The landmark February 2010 ruling set a critical precedent that indigenous populations in Africa are legally entitled to collective ownership of their ancestral lands, and was much-heralded by advocates of indigenous rights. Unfortunately, for nearly five years following the ruling there has been little progress towards implementation, despite intensive lobbying for action by the Endorois Welfare Council, the Endorois' representative body, and calls for implementation by the African Commission of Human and Peoples' Rights. Read more...

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